Together, to design
your new brand experience

Together, to design

your new brand experience.

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Italian design, global horizons.

Hammer is a unique reality for all your offline and online promotion needs. Thanks to its creativity and design-oriented approach, Hammer stands out worldwide for its Italian style. With hundreds of customers served since 2005, Hammer is a strategic partner for companies of every size. In 2021, Hammer broadened its horizons with two new operating units: New York and Sao Paulo. The pragmatic approach of the United States and the exotic influence of Brazil

meet the unmistakable Italian style to design new brand experiences. Hammer has recently been chosen to create brand experiences for businesses developed to protect the Amazon Rainforest as well as a large project designed to create economic opportunities for traditionally underserved communities in New York City. From hospitality to beauty products, Hammer is a company that can create an unexpected experience in every field.


Design in defense of nature: Hammer for the Amazon rainforest.


In the Big Apple, for a revolutionary social project.