Città Nuova

Città Nuova

For Città Nuova,
it's time to turn the page.

The historic Città Nuova publishing group needed to change in order to propose itself to its readers with a more contemporary image. After having entrusted Hammer with the restyling of Teens magazine (dedicated to young people), it is also time for the international magazine Città Nuova (flagship product of the publishing group) to turn the page.

Step 1: We made a small intervention on the logo of the editorial head, focusing on a current style. Step 2: We reinvented the magazine’s graphic layout, differentiating the columns through their own distinct personality. Step 3: We have chosen a typography oriented towards elegance and readability.

But there is more. For the launch of the new magazine, we have created and produced a promotional spot that tells the truth journalism through the emotional force of images and words. This will be followed by the launch campaign of the new magazine and the subscription campaign on print and web media. A very complex project, therefore, the one carried out for Città Nuova. A project that, in the end, gave us great satisfaction. And not just us.
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