Everyone does their part.
Together, we make a difference.
That's who we are.

There are those who are good at building images, and those who are good at painting them with words. Those who take flight with creativity, and those who analyze the results with their feet on the ground.

This is our team.

Tiziano Bollettini

Creative Director

Mariella Liberati

Account Director

Emanuele Partemi

Art Director

Toni Spinozzi

Managing Director Hammer USA

Bruno Emidi


Raphael M. D'Angelis

Strategic Advisor Hammer USA

David Allard

Communications Strategist Hammer USA

Gaia Cioce

Web Specialist

Matteo Spinelli

Graphic Designer

Chiara Pacchioli

Social Media Marketing Assistant

Davide Rosati

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Marco Biancucci


Giordano Viozzi