An ambitious project.

Among the companies we have the pleasure of collaborating with is Pfizer. The well-known pharmaceutical multinational turns to us for an important event. Welcome Pfizer Worldwide’s top management figure, visiting the Ascoli Piceno plant. Specifically, we are required to revamp the corporate communication applied inside and outside the building. The goal is to enhance Pfizer’s corporate image, enhance corporate values.

From the creative spark
to the final result.

After discussions with Pfizer managers, we defined a unified strategy in order to coordinate the graphic customization interventions. The inspection of the company was useful to get to know the characteristics of the available spaces up close. This was followed by the graphic design of the communication supports in different formats. Thanks to the collaboration with trusted partners, such as VGS, it was possible to obtain high quality prints and precise installation of the supports, under our direction.

What communication media
have we designed for Pfizer?

  • Customization of large surface walls through large format prints with emotional images with a strong visual impact.
  • Panels applied to corridor walls to enhance the Pfizer logo, corporate values and iconic symbols.
  • Graphic customization of environments such as reception, meeting room and coffee area.
  • Customization through a complete coating of the lift.
  • Aluminum totem designed to house the service signs and the safety rules.
  • New Pfizer branded flags and walkable guide at the main entrance, outside the building.

Only when the company is satisfied,
we can be satisfied too.

Only when the company is satisfied, we can be satisfied too.

The care, timeliness and executive precision of the work made it possible to fulfill the company’s requests. In view of this result, Pfizer Ascoli Piceno has involved us in further graphic customization works. Subsequently, the Pfizer Division in Rome requested our customization interventionof your company headquarters.

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