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this is the gist.

What is EasyCap? It is a revolutionary tethered cap: an all in one plastic cap – patented by Easy Plast – tied to the carton of food drinks. What is innovative about it? It allows to obtain a more eco-sustainable packaging.

The new trends
of direct marketing.

EasyCap had only their name. The rest had to be built. So, we started from the circular shape of the cap to design its brand, characterized by a pictogram with a dynamic effect. To communicate the eco-sustainable nature of the product, we have created the payoff “Together by nature”. Then we developed the business card for the Sales Manager. Finally we have created a sample holder folder that has a double function. 1. Introduces the new cap, illustrating its advantages. 2. Allows you to touch the product with your hand through a free sample (which also acts as the original closure of the folder).

The cap is ready
to open up to the market.

We have designed a one page website with a current look & feel, which shows and demonstrates the advantages of this new cap. We have created a promotional spot that includes 3D motion graphic sequences, to appreciate EasyCap from every angle. We have developed and edited the contents of the EasyCap Linkedin page. We made sure that the product launch on the market had maximum effectiveness, attracting the attention of new customers. And it is what it is success.
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