To do things like this,
there are no magic formulas.
You need to know how to do them.

To do things like this, there are no magic formulas. You need to know how to do them.

What is this mysterious object that has the name of Abracadabra? Get ready to find out. But before you start, you need to know one thing. Not everyone is able to create such special promotional gadgets. Because, behind this result, there is an intense work of creative ideation and paper converting design. But let’s take a trip back in time to find out how the project was born.

Imagine, for a moment,
to stay in Paris.

The romantic Paris of the Lumière brothers, the Paris of the late nineteenth century that gave birth to the first forms of cinematography. This is the imagination that inspired the concept, the name and the vintage graphic design of Abracadabra. In particular, the box draws its operation from the so-called “dark room:” one of the first forms of optical experience, the first studies of which date back to 11th century Persia. A forerunner solution of 3D images, as we know them today.

But how does Abracadabra work?

The box is developed through a particular rigid cardboard die, with a self-assembling structure, to be assembled by hand. A tool that offers the possibility of carrying out two types of optical experiences. As a dark room, it allows you to have an upside-down view of an external object. As a projector, it allows you to externally project the image contained inside a smartphone.

For what purpose was
this gadget designed?

For what purpose was this gadget designed?

This promotional gadget was commissioned to us by Cadland, the most important Italian group to offer technologies for immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality. Cadland needed to promote its business in the eyes of new potential customers by offering a corporate gadget as a gift during an important trade fair in Paris. Abracabadra was born: an object with an ancient flavor to promote an avant-garde reality such as Cadland.

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