Terra Fageto

Terra Fageto

A story that has
its roots in life.

When you taste a Terra Fageto wine, you find within it that sense of authenticity you feel when you get to know the Di Ruscio family. Yes, because in cases like this, company and product go hand in hand, building a special alchemy. The same alchemy that inspired an engaging storytelling, resulting from the new payoff
Storie di vite.

The corporate video tells all this through the ancestral power of images. A work of script, direction, video shooting (also through drones) and post-production. The first part is shot in the vineyard, and highlights the human side of Terra Fageto. The second is shot in the company and illustrates the production line.
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Dip the pen
in the ink of emotions.

Terra Fageto’s corporate brochure comes from a copywriting work that follows the natural flow of emotions. Each chapter is an open page of the history of the company, which places human life at the center. From the birth of the farm to the evolution brought about by the new generations, from work in the fields to that in the cellar, up to the creation of the final product. An authentic, sincere, true story. Because after all, in vino veritas.

How to introduce yourself to new customers
in a fresh and sparkling way.

This product brochure was created to wet the appetite.
Maybe a potential customer to meet at the fair or, why not, a new contact to develop through an agent. In any case, the brochure is an agile and effective sales tool. (Provided that there is serious planning behind it).
Another communication medium designed for promotional purposes is this folder. A support equipped with a pocket that recalls the pictogram contained in the Terra Fageto trademark (the vine tree, symbol of the company). Its function is to contain the company presentation brochure, together with the technical data sheets of the wines. A versatile support that allows you to replace, reduce or expand the number of cards according to your commercial needs.

It's time to go
to the countryside.

Let’s now take a look at the advertising campaigns produced by Hammer for Terra Fageto. The first comes from a photo shoot made in the company and gives a sincere image of the family values of Terra Fageto. The second comes from the skilled pencil of our illustrator who, inspired by the posters of the early twentieth century, gives us a futurist portrait of the founder of the Di Ruscio family: Dante. The work is completed by an aphorism by Dante Alighieri linked to the world of wine.

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