Licensing pack

Licensing pack

For some special projects
you need a certain material.

Protagonist on the children’s clothing scene, the Marche-based company Montefiore wishes to promote the acquisition of commercial licenses in the eyes of its target: multi-brand stores and large-scale distribution. Through these licenses, Montefiore offers customized garments with the graphics of the most renowned entertainment figures for the little ones. Montefiore asked Hammer to design a promotional tool to be put in the hands of its representatives, to present this new initiative to traders and buyers. Requirement number one: originality.


Received the brief, Hammer develops a creative concept consistent with the peculiarities of the project. A solution inspired by the typical tool of film directing is therefore born: the clapperboard. The hardcover container replicates its shape, with a rod that allows you to host and extract the individual cards in a cartoon theme. On the external facade of the clapperboard, the graphics and the headline further amplify the concept linked to the world of cinema.

No extras. Only protagonists.

Being present on the market does not necessarily mean being visible. Nor is it possible to become one through promotional solutions that blend in with all the others. This is where creativity can make a difference. With solutions capable of ssurprising the user, we stimulate the desire to buy and push sales.

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